Why Spend the Money for a Home Inspection?

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As most consumers know, when you are a buyer and you find a home you want to purchase you write an offer. Once your offer is accepted by the seller and it goes under contract you have the option of hiring a professional inspector to help you evaluate the structural condition of the home. Inspectors in Colorado obtain certifications that are recognized by the American Society of Home Inspectors and often affiliate with franchises that offer additional education. Many are engineers or have extensive construction backgrounds that give them valuable experience. The inspector is looking for structural not cosmetic issues and is there to give you an objective explanation of the condition of the home. Several of the most expensive items to repair in a home are the roof, the foundation, the heating and air conditioning.  The inspector will methodically examine these aspects of the property as well as electrical, plumbing, appliances, windows, local permitting and more. The inspectors fees are based on items such as the age, square footage and complexity of the property. The average inspection may cost approximately $400.00. Depending on the size of the home an inspection may take 2.5 to 4 hours or more. A good inspector is diligent, thorough and knowledgeable. He will also offer information about the severity of issues, cost to repair, life expectancy, compliance with local regulations and give advice on maintenance. At the conclusions of the inspection the inspector will furnish the buyer with a detailed home inspection report. The buyer can use elements of this report to document and negotiate repairs he wants to ask the seller to repair prior to closing.

Additional inspection services can include: Mold Testing, Radon Testing, Well Water Quality Testing, Insect or Pest Control Testing and other options.