Kissing Camels Women's Club February 2017

Real Estate

I belong to a social club in my neighborhood so that I am able to meet and share experiences with my neighbors. Every month we have a business meeting at the Garden of the Gods Club where I am a member. This past month our guest speaker was Jackie Gunn who is the owner and founder of a local clothing boutique called Kirk and Hill. She brought several of her staff members to give us an update on spring trends for 2017. 


We learned that bright large prints and flowing tops are in style. Jackie also showed up some sleek block print dresses and wonderful large scale accessories that are popular this spring. After her presentation we were able to shop from the racks of beautiful clothing she brought with her to the club.


I was the MC for this event and enjoyed the meeting very much. This group is one of the benefits of living in the Kissing Camels Neighborhood.