Biking in Colorado Springs Present & Future

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Kate Brady, who is the Central Bike Planner for Colorado Springs, gave our Coldwell Banker Office an update on the status of biking trails and access at our Coldwell Banker sales meeting today. Colorado Springs has evolved as a destination city for outdoor activities and she and embodies an active lifestyle. Bicycling has become increasingly recognized nationally as a strong economic driver that attracts and maintains a strong workplace. Cycling is a mainstream solution to everything from traffic congestion to air quality, to obesity, to being a key factor in creating vibrant cities. Sometimes our real estate clients ask us about the biking community in COS and this presentation was part of our office community awareness initiative.

Kate says Colorado Springs already has good biking momentum with the Olympic Training Center Velodrome, the USA Cycling Headquarters located here and the Colorado Classic men and women's pro bicycle race. She said that COS has a great wealth of mountain biking with access to assets like the Garden of the Gods Park, a top ranked municipal park, and our close proximity to state and regional parks. She also stated we have good network of urban trails that are getting better. For example the Legacy Loop initiative that is underway is a 10 mile comprehensive, collaborative community trails and parks development that will encircle the downtown core. The city is working on a bike master plan with infrastructure recommendations to increase safer riding on streets and better connections to parks, colleges and employment. 

Kate talked about bike share programs that are available in other US cities that allow for short term bike rentals for both visitors and residents, primarily centered around the downtown area. Currently in COS you can go to a local bike shop and perhaps do a 1/2 day rental. As part of the downtown infrastructure it might eventually be possible to support a bike share program that is easier and more convenient because the bikes would already be in the downtown area. This would allow for short term rentals similar to "car to go" for vehicle use.